How you are perceived online is significantly influenced by Wikipedia.

Our agency's Wikipedia services feature regularly in the media.

Understanding Wikipedia

Your Wikipedia Page

Why is your Wikipedia page so important?

Wikipedia is the fifth most visited website globally, and arguably the most important neutral source on the Internet. The perception of Wikipedia is that it is nearly always correct, with a report suggesting 90% of those surveyed believe Wikipedia to be factually accurate.

Incorrect representation on Wikipedia can therefore devastate an online reputation. Should the page be factually incorrect, out of date or even slanderous, it can leave a lasting impression when viewed. With millions of visitors a day, the perception of an individual or brand can change very quickly if Wikipedia’s representation is not entirely accurate.

How our Wikipedia agency can help

Our Wikipedia agency regularly assists clients by creating, expanding or even completely rewriting Wikipedia pages. All our services conform with Wikipedia's ethical guidelines for conflict of interest editing. We always provide in-depth consultancy prior to any work commencing.

Many clients ask, why is an agency is even required, can’t I just make the updates? Wikipedia is governed by a strict collection of regulations that often difficult to understand. Navigating these rules can be handled in house, but a Wikipedia agency will not only be more effective, they will likely complete the task quicker and in a more cost effective manner.

Our Wikipedia Agency

World leaders in Wikipedia editing. Here’s why.

We’ve been around a while

Agency founder Mark Bray started editing Wikipedia back in 2008, when he realized the company he was working for could benefit from mentions in industry pages. He started his own agency shortly after, and and by 2011, the agency offered nothing but Wikipedia services.

Many agencies in the field of Wikipedia editing provide multiple services, with Wikipedia editing services offered from time to time. Our Wikipedia agency specializes in Wikipedia and nothing else. We have done so for the past decade. The daily editing of Wikipedia gives our team incomparable knowledge as a specialist Wikipedia agency.

Our unblemished record on Wikipedia

Editing Wikipedia can be really difficult. There is a constant struggle between pleasing the client, while ensuring the Wikipedia community is happy with how our agency operates. This becomes more difficult as our client numbers grow, along with the complexity of their problems.

This growth has been the downfall of numerous specialist Wikipedia agencies over the years. A quick Google search should throw up some articles explaining these downfalls. Despite these industry problems, our Wikipedia agency has an unblemished record, with over a decade of dealing with the Wikipedia community without a single hiccup.

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